Long Distance Cycling Tips

Long Distance Cycling Tips

Long distance cycling is a fun sport which helps you to spend longer riding your bike and cover larger distances. You can also improve on your speed and time. However, to avoid injury and complete your planned ride, endurance cycling takes careful planning as well as time for your body to reach the right fitness level. Make sure that you start training for your endurance ride at least six weeks in advance to prepare your body and mind.

Long Distance Cycling Tips


It is essential that you have the right kind of bike for long distance cycling and that it fits you properly. A poorly fitted bike will cause bad posture and joint or muscle pain as well as making it more difficult to ride. Make sure that your bicycle seat is well padded and comfortable, your clothing should also be breathable and comfortable, use cream to stop chafing and treat any blisters immediately.

Improving your fitness level

Before you begin it is important to understand your own level of fitness. Even if you cycle regularly you need to ensure that you have the stamina and physical strength for a long distance ride. You will need to be cycling around three times a week to increase your fitness levels. Map out your usual cycle route and time yourself from start to finish. Once you know the distance and speed that you are comfortable with, you can start to train your body to improve on it.Customized Meal Plan From The Online Nutritionist

Putting extra hours in on an exercise bikes can also help your body prepare for endurance cycling.

Think about your speed whilst riding. Start out at an easy pace for 10 minutes then cycle at speed for 5 minutes before cooling off at your regular pace for another 10 minutes. Repeat this throughout your cycle session to build your muscle strength and stamina to cope with riding at your body’s limit. Once your body is coping with this you can increase the speed cycling time to 10 minutes. This will increase your muscle strength and it will take longer for your muscles to tire whilst on your endurance ride.

Practice riding at a moderate pace over longer distances, increase your distance gradually to increase your stamina levels and endurance. Time yourself and try to improve on your overall speed throughout the ride, however, do not push yourself too far whilst training as you risk muscle injury.

Things to consider

Whilst you are cycling, your upper body is holding itself in the same position for a long time. It is important that you build your upper body strength to cope with this. You can do this by lifting weights or doing other muscle endurance exercise on days which you do not cycle. Other exercise such as yoga or Pilates will help you to build up your core strength as well as improving your overall fitness levels.

To ensure that your body is getting the energy that it needs whilst you are training, increase your intake of protein and carbs and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Take snacks with you whilst riding such as nuts, fruit and cereal bars to refuel. Energy drinks can help to replace your body’s mineral level as well as rehydrating you.  Read about finding the right online nutritionist.

Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you interested in starting a healthy lifestyle?  Everyone in this world wishes to live longer by making healthy choices. This is the reason why people look for more and more healthy ways of increasing their lifespan. However, although they have a good idea of what is to be done, the problem is that they do not always do it. It may be so that they feel too young to practice them or are unaware of health threats. Nevertheless, forming good health habits along with making some lifestyle changes can prove to one of the ideal health reserves for budget-conscious as well as health-conscious folks. This is because most of the highly effective health habits are either available for free or at reasonable cost. And yes, there are many of them for which you don’t have to wait or be dependent on other tools and mechanisms such as steam bath generators and treadmill. So, here are 5 most health changes that you can make right away to increase your lifespan!

On Your Way To Starting A Healthy Lifestyle

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It is known to all that such a lifestyle is one of the biggest culprits to steal years from your lifespan. Therefore, it is better to become active from now onwards by allowing your body to do the work. For example, instead of lift, prefer climbing stairs. Next, rather than driving a car to a nearby place, prefer going walking. These tactics are actually low-impact exercises that can increase blood circulation and boost the overall functioning of your body and mind. However, what you need here is undying motivation. You can motivate yourself by rewarding things that you like the most once you successfully put your body at work instead of sitting idle!

Breathe Deeply

No matter where you are, you can always take short breaks in a day and start breathing deeply with concentration on your breath. While breathing deeply but slowly, you can even concentrate on a single object. This change or habit can simply alleviate stress, hypotension, and anxiety. According to the doctors of the New York City, meditation and yoga helps the pre-surgery cardiovascular patients to recover faster than normal. So, you can think of how beneficial it can be for your healthy to mediate on daily basis?

 Stretch Regularly

Most of us now tend to have a jumbo slouching posture while sitting and working. And this is really sad, as a wrong or bad posture can badly affect the root of our body – spine! If for any reason the spine is affected badly, know that it is going to trigger an irreversible or lifetime ailment, which certainly reduce your lifespan sooner or later. Therefore, it is better to wake up early in the morning and perform a few simple stretches just by lying on your bed, which can help you rectify your posture. Not only that, stretching your muscles can boost range of motion and blood flow. Make sure that you consistently practice the stretches of your arms, legs, necks, and other muscles on a daily basis on at least 45 minutes.

Sleep Well

Lack of sleep can invite a variety of health problems, right from obesity to brain damage. There can be several reasons for sleep deprivation, which can range right from overtime in office to late TV watching at night and to existence of ailments. So, find out the cause of lack of sleep and eliminate it as soon as possible. No matter what your colleagues and pals say about work dedication, sleep plays an incredibly a big role in sustaining health and expanding lifespan. And without health, can you really work and show dedication?