How my husband discovered HCG diet plan

I am sure that some of you will think that this is corny, but I have known my husband since we were kids. We lived on the same street and I will always remember him as this kid who was so thin that he was afraid to go out when the day was particularly windy. Okay, it wasn’t as bad as that, but you get the picture. We went to the same elementary school and the same high school. We didn’t have any kind of feelings for each other back then and we didn’t really hang out in the same crowd, but I would see him pretty much every day. He was the thinnest guy I knew. He was more of a shadow of a guy. I honestly think that his knees were the thickest parts of his legs.

When I went to college, I never thought about him. That is until I saw him on the campus. And when you see someone from your street on the campus, you start talking. It turned out that he was an okay guy, by this time he put on a few pounds as well. We started going out and it didn’t take us long to realize that we were made for each other. We both graduated and started a family. We got two girls and over all those years, my husband was slowly but steadily putting on pounds. BY the time we were 30, he was obviously overweight.

At first, he didn’t mind his excess weight too much. He was a happy guy, with a nice family and a nice job. However, he did start noticing that his extra weight was beginning to hamper his lifestyle. He would get winded very quickly and after a while he couldn’t play with our girls for more than 15 minutes without having to take a break and catch some breath. He decided to do something about his weight. He started eating healthy and he started exercising. For some reason, it didn’t really help him. He lost maybe four, five pounds, but he still had at least 30 to get rid of.


He then started taking some supplements that were supposed to help him lose weight, but he soon discovered that they are complete nonsense. He was very angry, both because he wasn’t losing any weight, but also because he felt that they scammed him out of his money. He was starting to get desperate and he almost gave up. And then, one day, I came across these HCG diet plan on the internet and told him to check it out.

The HCG diet plan seemed like a lot to commit to, but with these products, it seemed like it would not be such a huge problem. There were these supplements to make sure your body does not suffer from the diet and also HCG products that would speed up the melting of the pounds. He decided that it was extreme enough to work for him and he decided that he would see it through. He ordered these HCG diet products and he started the diet.

He had some problems at first, I mean, it was a real strict diet, but it seems that the HCG diet products really helped him stick with it. And the results were simply breath-taking. I could see the pounds melting off. He lost more than 20 pounds in just a month. When he was happy with his new figure, he stopped. One thing that this diet did for him is show how much he was overeating before. Since then, his eating habits are much better and healthier and he has never put back the extra pounds.

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