HCG Diet Info – What HGC Did For Me?

HCG Diet Info – What HCG Did For Me and What It Can Do For You!

Being a bit overweight has always been a part of my life. I think I was a bit bigger the day I was born. I am sure the midwife said how she never saw such an advanced kid, which is their codeword for a fat baby. As I was growing up, I grew up more in width than in height. No, I am only joking. But I have always been a bit overweight and I am sure my grandmas didn’t help.


They were both born and raised in Europe, in some parts where a bad year meant that there was nothing to eat. Also, they both survived WWII when there was very, very little to eat. And I guess this left a mark on them, a big subconscious mark that their descendants should eat as much as they could. It is a very strange thing to explain. In any case, the two of them were always running around me with pots of delicious Mediterranean food and I couldn’t do anything else but eat.

HCG Diet Info Mediterranean food

And when I was a kid, I didn’t really mind it much. However, as I started high school, I discovered how kids can be cruel to a guy who is somewhat overweight. I was a constant object of teasing and it was getting really old really quickly. After a while, I stopped worrying once again. You just get used to it. Still, I think that deep inside, it was still hurting me. For instance, I couldn’t even hope of scoring with this girl that I was really in love with. Maybe I should have been shooting for something more attainable, but hey, it’s love. In the end, there was no way a fatso like me could score with Amy “the legs” Thoreau.

I always looked what I eat, even since I was 13 or 14, just trying to keep my weight in check at least somewhat. However, when a girlfriend I met in college and really fell in love with left me, I was ruined. There was nothing except food that could fill out that big hole she left. She was a really great girl and I thought she loved me. Turned out she didn’t. It happens. However, it ruined me for good. I started eating more than ever before and I even learned a few recipes from my grandmas. I started stuffing my face with food.

How HCG Diet Info Changed My Life Forever

After about 4 or 5 months of binge eating and drinking, I finally got over the breakup and looked at myself in the mirror. I was huge at least 50 pounds overweight and I was really looking like crap.  Realizing I needed something that works fast and something that would make me see food differently.  I was ready for some HCG diet info.  That is when I heard of the HCG diet Plan and HCG diet products that can help a man lose copious amounts of weight and also teach people how to eat. It sounded perfect.

It was an ordeal at first. The fact that I was eating only 500 calories a day instead of my usual Arctic-exploration 5000 calories a day really had a huge impact on me. Luckily, there were these HCG diet products that really made it possible. I don’t know if I could have made it without them. There were supplements that gave me all the nutrients I needed, real HCG diet products that burned my accumulated fat to make up for the lack of ingested calories, the whole shebang.

It took me about a month to lose 30 pounds. It was as if someone came over to me and chopped off a couple of huge lumps of fat off my body. Not only did it get rid of that much excess weight, but I could now control it much better than I ever could and I in fact realized how we eat too much food in the first place. I have also started a regular exercise regimen and all in all, I can say that the HCG Diet Plan and these HCG diet products really changed my life.